Business Decision that Pertains to the Social Demand

In the 21st century our technology and social media is the focus of our culture. The Disney Company recognizes that in order to stay ahead of the curve they must acquire more social media for the demands of our world today. Sneha Shankar, who writes for the International Business Times, wrote as of March 22, 2014, Disney’s CEO and Chairman Robert A. Iger bought Maker Studios for $500 Million. Maker Studios develops content for YouTube and is a huge social media platform that many follow. This is a new opportunity for Disney to further increase profit, customer base, and the Disney Empire.This was a smart move on Disney’s behalf because it projected the future needs of the company and its younger technological generations needs. The Disney Company will now have top notch employees to handle programming and gather data for the Millennials generation they are trying to reach via online video. The combination of the two should fuel future business for years to come. The decision was well thought out and hopefully will be a valuable asset in the future.


Disney’s History Timeline

Since 1923, the Disney Company has produced a handful of movies, business changes, brought a new animated culture and made advancements in technology through out it’s lifetime. Here I have a link to Wikipedia’s Timeline of The Disney Company. The reason I thought it was important to share this timeline is because many people have no idea the hard-work, successes, and down falls the company has gone through. Plus it shows the strategic business changes to better the company.This company is 91 years in the making and has certainly reflected history and American culture.

Captain American Down for a Three-Peat

According to Michael Cavna, who writes The Washington Post, it as been three weeks since the movie Captain America:The Winter Soldier released in theaters and yet the movie is still ranked number one in the box office! The sequel has grossed $26.6-million dollars in the third week! The Disney Company has certainly done a fantastic job putting together this three-peat worthy action film. Domestically, the super hero film grossed $201.5-million so far and is project to make a little more while still in theaters. It is apparent that Disney’s ownership of Marvel is boosting the Disney’s profits further. Marvel is definitely a valuable asset.

Disney Consumer Products Take it to the Food Industry

The Disney Consumer Products business segment has always produced the finest toys, clothing, and entertainment for all to enjoy. Recently, DCP has decided to take Disney to the food industry. Now, in grocery stores world wide, Disney is offering snacks with their favorite Disney characters to persuade children to eat healthy. Two birds are being killed by one stone, DCP is selling Disney Consumer products and getting children excited about eating healthy food. Read more about it here.

Disney Being Sued Over New Disabilities Service Policy

As of October 2013, The Disney theme parks have initiated a new disabilities policy to only cater to the needs of people who are indeed in need of extra care in oppose to phonies. The Disney theme parks explain this new policy came to be because of people hiring or pretending to have a special needs guest in their group to get in front of the long lines at all Disney attractions. In efforts to discourage this behavior, the new policy changed the line procedures for the special needs guest by requiring them to have a DSA card, Disability Access Card, to obtain a designated ride time for the guest and their party to ride the attractions. This policy seems entirely fair, that a guest with special needs is receiving the attention they require and weeds out all of the phonies. Unfortunately, with changes in policy, especially one as sensitive as catering to guest with special needs, uproar and retaliation occur. According to Hugo Martin, writer for the LA Times, Disney is being sued for discrimination against guest with special needs due to this change in policy. The families of guest with special needs claim the policy is to deter them from going to Disney theme parks. This claim is fueled by the tension that Disney wants to keep all other fully abled guest from having a non-magical experience because of the presence of special needs guest. Of course, Disney denies these claims. Disney simply made a statement that it was all intended to dismay guest from manipulating the system and allowing guest that truly have special needs to be accommodated properly.

The Disney theme parks have always amazed me with how passionate they are with customer service with all their guest. Naturally, I had to investigate if Disney was truly asking too much for their special needs guest to acquire accommodations through the new policy. I read through the whole policy and from what I can tell it all seems like standards protocol for any Disney guest that requires more service. First thing first, getting the DSA card. The policy says a DSA card can be granted at the main ticket entrance of each park. The cast will take a picture of the special needs guest and issue them a card. That card enables them to receive their own personal rides times. The card works just like a fast past, where the guest receives a ticket at the entrance of the attraction that stated a time they can come back and go to the head of the line. Therefore, the special needs Disney guest does not have to wait in line and can enjoy other Disney Attractions while waiting for their ride time. The pass is easily attainable, the ride time accommodates their needs, and no other guest are violating the rules of the theme parks. The reason that may be as to why Disney is being sued by disgruntled parents, is due to the fact the parents are submitted to this policy due to guest that found a loophole in the theme park system. Personally, I do believe all special needs guest should go to the front of the line regardless of the actions of others. But, as of right now this was the best solution to give all Disney guest the same Disney experience. If this policy is to be upheld, Disney should create designated areas that are air-conditioned, provide free water, and accessibility is adequate for the special needs guest to be comfortable. Overall, the policy is fair. However, they must add more accommodating facilities to the special needs guest that are waiting for their ride time.



“Frozen” the New Animation Movie Sensation

Ask any child about their most recent favorite movie and they will with out a doubt answer, “Frozen!” The Disney Company has certainly outdone themselves with this animation movie. Frozen has a riveting storyline, symbolism, well conducted songs, and modern day morals that deviate from the typical Disney mindset. Due to Disney’s new approach in storyline and a marriage of new themes they were able to appeal more to the slowly changing culture of today’s viewers. This animated film is the first Disney princess film to have a different overall message. The usual storylinewould consist of a princess trying to find her dream prince, get married in a matter of days, and live happily ever after. Frozen began as to what would seem like a typical Disney movie with the Princess Anna finding a Prince and wanted to get married only within hours of meeting him. But the attention of the film shifts to instead the importance of sisterhood when Anna’s sister Queen Elsa is self consumed with her uncontrollable icy power and is in need of help. Instead of Anna caring about her prince, Elsa takes top priority. Frozen is for sure the first Disney Princess movie to break away from the mold and brought in billions of viewers to fall in love with Disney all over again. The response to this movie certainly reflected positively through the revenue it acquired. According to Janelle Tipton, who writes for The Walt Disney Studios, reported that Frozen made a cumulative global gross of more than $1.073 billion. This movie has definetly charmed its way into many people’s hearts and to the number 10 spot of all-time highest grossing film. The Walt Disney Studios absolutely did a job well done and maintain the integrity of the company. Frozen also gave the company the new opportunity to further sell the Disney brand through Frozen merchandise. This movie will further help the company and will remain another one of Disney’s timeless movies.


Supernodes: The Ultimate Online Community Connection

When people go online they log onto their social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and etc. These forms of media control who gets to see their post and also enables them to choose who they want to be friends with. Therefore, they have established their own personalized community. Many people fail to realize that their social media could be so much more. In fact, their media can be a strong supernode. A supernode takes a form of social media and gives a visual representation of all the people that are connected to it. For instance, I myself have a Facebook account. On this account I have countless friends, family, and acquaintances that I an interact with online. But, I truly only can see my connections that I have with those people and nothing further than that. But, with the help of I was about to connect all my friends on facebook to their database where it rendered a chart of all my friends. The chart displayed who they talk to,  the people that are the most relevant to me, and further connections to who my friends talk to that I am not friends with. Creating this chart was an eyeopening experience. I literally had a view of my strongest connections and who my connections also were in cahoots with. The chart also made me realize that Facebook is a strong supernode for me because of all of the people I know and how many people they know as well. I only broadened my community through this supernode. Another supernode of mine I found is Twitter. My twitter account is fairly new, but I follow the top Disney accounts that give me a great understanding of the Disney Company. Therefore I have few people I follow, but they are critical to my knowledge of Disney. When I downloaded the data from my Twitter to Yasiv it also displayed some interesting information. A lot of the Disney accounts I followed are connected and it also showed other Disney accounts that my accounts followed.  I benefited greatly from this supernode because of the newfound connections I have made. My supernodes make me a more aware user because I can further utilize my connections for my personal gain. My social media can now take me further than I originally intended. I can become a more effective user through my newfound supernodes.